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Tasteful Cakes Inc | What We’re About

Tasteful Cakes, Inc. was born of the expertise and experience of Theresa and Cornelio Escobedo, and their son Eddie Surman, who have spent years working together to create a shop where people can find amazing looking, delicious tasting cakes, pastries, and cookies. We opened in November of 2005 with the goal of offering premium art cakes that delight and excite both eyes and palate, where the sky is really the only limit on creativity.

Still a relatively new shop by business standards, our growth has been progressive, if not difficult for tough economic times. The last few years of economic austerity have really validated and emphasized the importance of some the our most basic founding principles:

  • Treat people with kindness, fairly: we are all human beings, we are all customers, employees, and decision makers working hard to make it day to day.
  • Honesty makes the world go ’round: our information is free, our tastings are complimentary, and our goals and expectations are transparent, our staff aren’t trained in selling, they are trained in providing the data to help people make informed decisions, we are dedicated to providing many opportunities for everyone to have a great experience.
  • Stay grounded and connected to the community: giving and support are more than gimmicks or marketing ploys, when we work to take care of each other, we work to take care of ourselves.
  • Give people more than what they pay for: at the end of the day, it doesn’t take a lot to make someone’s experience just a little more special, and, honestly, when it comes down to buttercream on cake, we will take the few extra minutes to make sure that it looks amazing.

It is a sad truth that we can’t make everyone in the world happy, unfortunately it’s just too difficult to deliver to Madagascar! But all of our efforts are put toward trying to do just that! We want to make your experience with Tasteful Cakes wonderful, but more, we want your experience of your special day to be spectacular- you deserve to have your cake and eat it too!